• About SDS

    Smart Display Solutions (SDS) was established in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, to promote the application of smart films in the area of business, hospitality and the private market for privacy, advertising and entertainment applications.

  • Our Vision

    The Vision of SDS is to provide our customers with the most modern tools to enhance the customer experience through interactive technologies in the private and public space.

    Our vision is to provide Products and Solutions to support you with

    • Implementing eye catching WOW solutions for private and public spaces
    • Generating revenue through digital media and interactive advertising
    • Enhancing user experience through interactive applications
  • Our Approach

    At SDS we combine a professional and creative approach to generate innovative ideas for the creation, design and installation of our smart products.

    We collaborate with specialists in the fields of content development, product design and solution implementation to supply end-to-end customer satisfaction.

    The benefits for our clients are

    • We understand your creative, advertising and marketing ideas through intense listening and discussions
    • Based on our common understanding design and develop a fitting solution
    • Deliver, Install and take into operation
    • Provide reliable high quality maintenance and service

  • Smart Film / Smart Glass

    SDS Smart film is an intelligent film that can be directly stuck on glass, which instantaneously switch from a transparent state to an opaque state through the application of electricity, and meet the double requirements of glass on penetrability and privacy protection. When the glass is in its opaque state images can be projected onto the glass to create a high definition display screen


    • Instant Privacy Protection: Control the transparency of your window by simply turning the switch on or off. No need of curtains or blinds to have privacy in your home, office or anywhere else.
    • Display/Advertising: In the off mode, smart films are best for projecting images or videos onto it. Thus provides digital advertisement.
    • UV/ Solar Protection: Smart film/glass blocks more than 98% of UV rays which are major causes of skin cancer and of the discoloration of wall and furnishings.
    • Different colours and sizes: Standard dimensions are 980mm (W)*2800 mm (H) Large sizes of many shapes can also be produced. Have four different colours.
    • Durable and reliable: Long life, hygienic and low maintenance.


    • Privacy Windows for Homes and Offices
    • Entrance Doors for Buildings and Offices
    • Curtains / Privacy Panels for Meeting Rooms
    • Rear Projection Screens of Meeting Facilities
    • Security Windows for Businesses
    • Counter / Display Windows, Information Screen / Promotion / Advertising Screens
    • Light Control Windows Dressing and Fitting Room Doors, Bath Room / Rest room Partitions

    Smart Glass

    Smart glass is a switchable glass which has same features of smart film. It's basically smart film itself which is sandwiched between two glass sheets. So whether to have smart film or smart glass depends on your requirement.

    Smart Film:
    • Can be temporary or permanent.
    • Easy installation and can be done at any time.
    • No need to remove existing glass.

    Smart glass:
    • It's the permanent solution.
    • Pre-planned and pre-manufactured.
    • Film is protected since it's between the glass sheets.

  • SDS Touch Frames

    SDS Interactive touchscreen frame instantly turns LCD/PLASMA/front/rear projection monitor into interactive display. Unlike most other technologies, the Infrared based design offers superb image clarity. The original image quality is preserved because there is no other layer in front of the display. After a simple installation, the screen can be operated with finger, gloved hand or pen.

    • Vandal proof, scrape-resistant.
    • Maintenance free, long life time.
    • Fault tolerance design to ensure reliability
    • Super transparency, Various touch objects
    • Can operate in various light conditions, indoor and outdoor
    • Integrated controller
    • Disassemble ability
    • Available from 30" to 100 "

    Typical Applications:
    • Interactive Advertising
    • Video conference system
    • Class room white board
    • Public Query Machine
    • Mall Kiosks
    • Industrial Control Systems

  • SDS Touch Foil

    Touch Foil is used to create the ultimate through-window interactive display, it can be applied directly onto a window or glass sheet to create an interactive window display. A rear projection, or LCD screen is mounted behind the touch foil to create an exciting through-window touch experience.

    • Lightweight foil simple to apply to a window, glass, acrylic and rear projection screens.
    • Not affected by external light condition
    • Interactivity works even with gloved hand.
    • No requirement to have any external wires or devices as the entire touch screen components are situated safely behind the glass.
    • Wide range of screen sizes available up to 80" 4:3 or 16:9 formats.

  • SDS Intractive Gesture Control

    With interactive gesture control technology you don't need to touch the screen to activate and control it. It works by combining a visual user interface with a storefront display. The display provides several options to the user. A processor is connected to the display, which chronologically highlights each of these selection options for a period of time. The processor, during the highlighting period, receives one or more images of the user's movement from an image input device. At this point, the processor determines whether the user's gesture is contained in the one or more of the selection options. When a gesture is contained in the one of the option images, the processor performs an action determined by the highlighted selection option.

    • Consumers are attracted as they have complete control over their communication experiences.
    • SDS will support the client in realizing their interactive content.
    • Creative ideas and solutions will keep the target audience captivated.
    • Consumers can communicate in a unique and memorable way.
    • SDS is able to provide solutions for temporary and permanent installation.

  • SDS Touch Table

    With Touch Table people can interact with multi-media content, access corporate information, play games, create special effects, and manipulate art and photographs, and even view advertising in a truly unique and compelling way. This table technology is an incredible tool to present interactive table advertising, entertainment, games and special effects.

    • Offer stylish, interactive while-you-wait entertainment
    • Communicate your message in a unique, fun and memorable way.
    • Can be built in any shape, size and design based on customer requirements.
    • Customized Content and Applications to match the your requirements.

  • SDS HoloBox

    SDS Holobox is the newest generation 3D holographic display designed for advertising, attracting attention, and supporting the exhibition industry. These are an excellent way for a company to show promotional material or to give a full demonstration of a product. 3D displays are new and still unusual so there is the added advantage that if they are being used to market a product or service or to increase branding strength and awareness; people will look and stay looking simply because it is a 3D hologram.

    • HoloBox combines flexible content, special effects, dimensions and music to create a breath-taking effect.
    • Showcases a bright, sharp and highly visible 3D holographic display.
    • Automatically stores, update and display content saved to a USB device or PC and plugged into the box.
    • Requires no operational interface or extra software.
    • Brings up the highlights of your product.
    • Can be purchased or rented.

  • Photo Gallery

    Offices and Meeting Rooms

    Modern offices offer a transparent and light environment using glass separators for meeting rooms and cubicles. Smart glass offers high light transmission and switchable privacy setting. This allows you to keep an open view or restrict outsiders from seeing your confidential presentations and look into who is meeting in the meeting room.

    Windows and Exterior


    Hotels, Home and Private Spaces

    Smart film can easily be applied to existing windows like around pool and living room areas to separate private spaces when required

    Operation Room

    Operation rooms are areas of sensitive information, Application of Smart glass can be switched on when, visitors / guests shall not be able to see when critical / sensitive incidents are being handled.

    Shops Malls and Commercial properties

    Increase the impact of your commercial property and shops by using dynamic lighting and projection on Smart Glass. Use Smart Film to hide and show parts of your displays and additionally project information or videos on selected sections. At night large scale video will present your product.

    Clubs and Events

    Enhance your product presentations and entertainment venues with Wow Effect using smart film for lighting effects. Projections and live interaction..

    Smart Film for Projection and Advertisement


  • Video Gallery

    SDS Video

    SDS Video

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  • F.A.Q


    • Is Smart Film or Smart Glass capable of completely blocking out light?
      No, it is not possible to make a room dark using Smart Film. These products refract light to control transparency and opacity and do not therefore control the level of brightness.
    • Is Smart Film harmful to other electronic devices or the human body?
      No, not at all.
    • What is the operating voltage required for Smart Film?
      The controller operating voltage is 100-110 Volts AC with a frequency of 50-60hertz.
    • Is it possible to power Smart Film using batteries?
      Although the power required to operate smart film is quite low, the voltage is at least 100V AC requiring electronic equipment to convert the battery voltage to that level. This can be provided for special applications, but is currently not recommended for standard implementation.
    • Is it possible to use smart film in bent or curved glasses?
      Smart Film can be bent to a certain extent, but the standard product cannot be shaped onto 3-D surfaces as it is not elastic. Contact us if you have special requirements as these can be discussed with the production team.
    • Is it possible to remove and apply the same smart film for other locations?
      Smart Film can be removed and placed at other locations, but special care must be taken to avoid creases and wrinkles as this destroys the functionality of the material.
    • Will I get an electric shock if I touch Smart Film?
      Smart Film is made using insulating materials and will not harm you if you touch them as the electric components are protected between insulation materials.
    • Is the Smart Film a "Green" Product?
      Yes, it can be re-cycled.
    • How long does it take Smart Film to switch from transparent to opaque and vice versa?
      It takes Smart film approximately 1/100th of a second to switch from transparent to opaque and approximately 1/1,000th of a second to switch from opaque to transparent.


    • What is the difference between Optical, Infrared & Touch foil solutions for touch screens?
      Optical is a camera based solution with incredible accuracy and speed - perfect for boardrooms and educational environments.
      Infrared is a super robust beam solution - perfect for kiosks and public areas. With IR only single and dual touch solutions are possible but its benefits are lower cost and simple maintenance in relation to other solutions.
      Touch foil is a composite foil technology that works through single pane glass up to 20mm thick – perfect for shop windows and event installations. Touch Foil is multi-touch capable with more than 4 simultaneous touches possible.
    • Which technology is Multi-Touch capable?
      Most features available when using a mouse can be simulated through a single touch interface. Real Multi-touch applications need to use Touch Foil and Optical Frames with Multi-Touch capability.
    • What are the largest sizes for the different touch solutions you supply?
      Optical can be provided up to a massive 100" diagonal screen, Infrared up to 120" diagonal and touch foil 100".
    • Where do I get prices?
      Our professional sales team will be pleased to provide you with prices. Our contact information by email is saif@sdstuae.com, info@sdstuae.com.
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